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New proposed Donnelly Pathway – Town to Beach Flyway

We are proposing a new pathway in Donnelly to connect the community with one of its premier assets, the Donnelly Beach Park & Boat Docks area.

This project is the first step in the vision of the 2014 City of Donnelly Comprehensive Plan to enhance quality of life, highlight our natural surroundings and drive economic development.

This is a core piece to the area pathway design that will help drive enthusiasm for future pathway development by providing an amenity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. It is designed to make our roadways safer and drive tourism dollars to the town.  We are calling this pathway, the Town to Beach Flyway.

Here’s a brief overview video of the project.

The pathway concept is an 6- to 8-foot pathway, with a 5-foot (minimum 3-foot) break between the path and roadway. The pathway surface may consist of ¾ inch or less gravel and/or possibly crusher stone material.

Distance/material summary:

Total distance: 6882’

Gravel: 5582′

Asphalt:  75′ at beginning, 340′ at dirt parking area.

Existing asphalt: 885’

Striping: 1300′ of striping from Hwy 55 to end of Roseberry Plaza.

Crosswalk Striping: 48”

Except where otherwise noted, the pathway will utilize one side of the existing  50 foot city or county transportation right of way.

All sections along roadways will incorporate a FHWA “Sidepath”- style design.

If you have any feedback on the project, please contact Brett Shepherd of Donnelly Pathways and Valley County Pathways, at, or the Donnelly City Clerk at

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