VC Pathways has been actively working on developing a new 1.3-mile pathway in Donnelly to provide a safe connection from the community to one of its premier assets, the Donnelly Beach Park & Boat Docks area.

We’re calling it the Town to Beach Flyway, as the trail alignment would run through a beautiful grove of trees to the east of the Donnelly Airfield. VCP board member Brett Shepherd pioneered the proposed route.

The Donnelly Flyway was recommended in the City of Donnelly Comprehensive Plan to enhance quality of life, highlight our natural surroundings and drive economic development.

Developing a walking/biking trail from downtown Donnelly to the City Beach is considered one of the highest priorities by the City of Donnelly. It is designed to provide safe place for people to walk, run or bike to the City Beach. 

Valley County Pathways is working on obtaining a long-term access agreement from the City of Donnelly to provide a public right of way for the trail on city property adjacent to the Donnelly Airfield. VCP worked with adjacent landowner Joshua Murrey in 2021 to ink a long-term access agreement for the Donnelly Flyway to run through the edge of Mr. Murrey’s property. This will give us a wider right of way for the Donnelly Flyway.   

The pathway concept is to build a non-motorized walking/biking pathway along West Roseberry Road in the city or county right of way to the turnoff for the Donnelly Airfield, where we would envision a pedestrian cross-walk for safety in crossing West Roseberry Road. And then we would build a pathway through the forest over to Dawn Drive and the City Beach. 

Check out this video on the Flyway project: 

If you’d like to write a letter of support to the Donnelly City Council, come support the project at a future City Council meeting, help with trail construction or donate funds for trail construction, please contact Brett Shepherd with Donnelly Pathways and Valley County Pathways, at [email protected] or Becky Bjork, [email protected].



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