The public is invited to a trail-dedication event on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 9:30 a.m. on the north end of the Crown Point Trail near Cascade.

During the event, Steve Stuebner, Board President of Valley County Pathways, will give special thanks to the Putman Family for a gift of land extending the Crown Point Trail by one-quarter mile. VCP made a bronze plaque to properly thank the Putman Family for their gift of land in 2006.

“This is long-overdue recognition to the Putman Family for being true pioneers in supporting the vision of Valley County Pathways to build a valley-wide trail system that matches the grandeur of our valley,” said Steve Stuebner, Board President of VCP.

“The Putman family’s gift of land in 2006 was the first of its kind since Valley County Pathways formed in 2004. We hope the Putman family’s donation will encourage other landowners to consider this approach.”

Since that time, three other property owners have donated portions of the old railroad right of way or other private property to VCP for the development of public trails.

The message on the bronze plaque reads as follows:

“Valley County Pathways gives heartfelt thanks to the Earl and Eleanor Putman Family for an enduring gift of railroad right-of-way land in 2006 to extend the Crown Point Trail. The Putman Family was the first landowner to provide a gift of land to expand walking, running, and biking trails along the old railroad line in Long Valley. Their legacy will live on in perpetuity for all to enjoy.”

Dave Putman of Cascade mounted the plaque on a large piece of crystal quartz rock that came from Crystal Mountain near Burgdorf Hot Springs. The rock has special meaning to the Putman Family.

“Thanks to Marty Hill and Dixie Cook for storing the rock until it could be moved to Cascade, and to Larry Waters for the use of his rotor drill to mount the plaque,” Putman said.

Dave Putman and other family members will also say a few words about the foresight of their mother and father in donating the property for all to enjoy.

It took an extra effort to get the 900-pound rock moved from Southwest Boise to Dave Putman’s house in Cascade for the plaque-mounting. At the request of VCP Cascade-based Board Member Tom Reinhardt, Josh Davis of Granite Excavation arranged for Butch and Jim from his team to move the rock from Boise to Cascade. After the plaque was mounted to the rock by Dave Putman, local friend and volunteer Bryan Gibson moved the rock to its current trailside location on the north end of the Crown Point Trail.

Reinhardt and VCP Board Member Charlie Pegan assisted with arranging the logistics for the rock transportation and placement on the trail. With the help of local volunteers, they are keeping the trail extension trimmed and gates maintained.

The late Mrs. Eleanor Putman, who spoke for the Putman Family at a trail-dedication event in 2006, said her family wanted the trail to be open for the general public to enjoy in perpetuity. “It’s a really nice gentle and flat trail that just about anyone can enjoy,” she said. “Our family has had many great times up here. But now we’re selling the family cabin, and we wanted to make sure that the RR ROW portion of our property be preserved as a public trail.”

Following the event, VCP encourages people to walk or bike the Crown Point Trail with the Putman Family in mind.

See map below for directions to the trail-dedication event. Take ID 55 to Vista Point Drive and follow that winding road downhill to Vista Point Loop. See online directions here.



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