Example of singletrack sidewalk. (Courtesy IMBA)

It was a late night, but the Valley County Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to approve an ordinance update to allow for non-motorized pedestrian and cycling trails to be constructed next to public roads. The draft ordinance will go before the county commissioners soon.

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters of the support and attended the meeting!

The new trails would be “singletrack sidewalks” to provide for a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists to travel off the main road. The overall goal is to connect all of our communities in Long Valley and connect to New Meadows and the Weiser River Trail. The trails will have health, fitness and recreation benefits for all of the region’s residents and visitors, at no cost or obligation to the taxpayer.

Andrew Mentzer with the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council, Steve Stuebner with Valley County Pathways and other VCP board members have spent the last year doing extensive  community outreach to gauge public support for singletrack sidewalks.

We’ve also asked for people’s thoughts on their favorite pathway corridors, which areas should receive the highest-priority for development, identifying funding opportunities and building partnerships. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) verified the plan.

The West Central Mountain Economic Development Council co-created the plan and fund-raised for planning this initiative. Countless volunteer hours from our board and partners has gotten us this far. Thanks to all who have helped out!

You can help to make these trails a realty too. Please consider making a donation today Valley County Pathways!

-Andrew Mentzer

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