054We had a perfect number of volunteers show up for our work day on the North Valley Rail Trail on Saturday and ideal weather (hey, it didn’t snow!).  The hiking and biking trail is now officially open, so feel free to get out there and check it out.

Start from McCall City Hall, River Ranch or the Activity Barn. (See map)

We installed 15 new sign-posts over a 4-mile area and brushed out several miles of the trail, particularly the new sections of the North Valley Rail-Trail through DeBoer property by the Activity Barn and another section to the south, formerly owned by the Whiteman family.

My arms were so tired after the work day that I could barely lift my right arm to drink beer Saturday night! :0

058I went out and rode the full length of the trail Sunday morning, and it just felt super cool to see all of the new signs along the trail and experience the trail like never before. By god, it looks like a trail and it rides like a trail.

It is truly a beautiful ride. Much of the trail is bordered by pine trees, so that provides an intimate experience with nature as the old railroad right of way swings through the pastoral countryside south of McCall. You’ll see hawks, eagles and ospreys flying overhead and songbirds in the trees. I heard sandhill cranes off in the distance.

Valley County Pathways encourages hikers, bikers and runners to check out the new trail. The distance and the terrain are great for just about anyone — particularly families and kids. The trail is mostly flat, with a couple of short hills when you bypass an old irrigation canal.061


Steve Stuebner, Vice President, VC Pathways



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