Thanks for your support! Our kids and future generations will benefit from our hard work in building, expanding and maintaining our trail systems.

We are so thankful to our community for supporting Valley County Pathways during the 2020 Idaho Gives campaign!

We exceeded our $5,000 goal by raising about $11,010 during Idaho Gives with 85 donors investing in new trails on the basis of $5/foot. These are new records for Valley County Pathways!

Thank you!!!!

We would like to recognize our donors for their support and generosity:

Contributions of more than $1,000:

Ron Nahas, the Schwab Charitable Fund

Contributions of more than $100: 

Augusta Laidlaw, Robert and Kitty Looper, Sherry Maupin, Gail and Bruce Rankin, Alan Hamilton and Mary Nielsen, Brent and Jacque Simmons, and Jim and Jole Voulelis.

$100 contributions: 

James and Tiffany Dobbs, Steve Stuebner, Andrew Mentzer, Joe and Linda Sirani, Scott and Patty Hall, Joyce and Scott Hayley, Marjorie Chase, William Gehrke, Judy and Jim Balkins, Caroline Valle, Fred Novy, Cary Hattabaugh and Sam Sandmire, Brett Shepherd, Steve and Ruth Schneider, Jim and Jean Giuffre, Lida and Todd Clouser, Dean and Kim Martin, Joanne and Chris Sours, Michael McEntee, Carolyn Wood, Maggie Rosenthal, Jennifer Waskow, Shirley Olen, Ian Atkinson, Barbara Waldo, Cahill and Susan Jones, Charles Pegan and Michael van Altena.

$10-$99 contributions:

Sharon Hudson, Jentry Hull, Maggie and Bob Gamble, Wendy Wilson, Kim Binder, Denise DeCoster, Paul Bomber, John Wheaton, Cynthia Gibson, Deanna Warner, Jayme Gamble, Ken Rider, Robyn Mick, Marc and Carole de Jong, Rebecca Hurd, Chris and Adele Caputo, Maura Goldstein, Andrea Lingle, Don and Pam Sanda, Ted Klinkenberg, Kimberly Tidwell, Lee Gilbert, Robert Ginkel, Amy Pugsley, Elizabeth Thomas, Jeff Cross, John Watkins, Leslie Freeman, Sherry Scheline, Pat Blanchard, Katherine Farmer, Karen Byrne, Steve Jones, Cindy Jones, Karen Anglea, Gregg Lawley, Amanda and Gary Thompson, Mary Tracey, Douglas Wood, Michelle and Scott Reagan, Jeri and Glenda Newman, Richard Cogan, Stephanie Day, Denise Thompson, Jim Fitzgerald, Karl Johnson, Cindy Bastian, Earl Dodds, Mary and Rocky Bogert, and Elise Giddings.

We will keep you informed as we work on the next steps on our trail projects in the valley to connect our communities from Cascade to New Meadows.

Again, thank you for contributing to Valley County Pathways!  


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